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Best Socks for Office Workers

Best Socks for Office Workers

Socks for Office WorkersThere are millions of Americans that sit at a desk all day long.  I’m one of them.  During the day, we get up a few times to use the bathroom, get lunch, and maybe take a few coffee breaks, but we’re sitting and inactive for hours at a time.  This inactivity takes a toll on our bodies, especially our legs.  For many of us, it’s not all that different than taking a daily long-haul flight, week after week.  Our ankles and feet swell.  Our legs ache.

Like wearing travel socks when we fly, wearing compression socks at work can make a big difference in the way our legs feel at the end of a long day.  Our veins work hard to carry blood back to the heart.  When we’re active, the contraction of leg muscles helps in that process.  Hours of sitting lets blood to pool in the lower extremities.  Graduated compression stockings help the veins push blood back to your heart.  These socks gently encourage blood back up the leg, increasing blood circulation and reducing pressure on the veins.

Assuming you don’t have any other venous problems, a mild 15-20mmHg compression is all that’s needed to keep your legs healthy day after day behind that desk.

Recommended socks for office workers:

Therafirm Core-Spun Support Socks: These are a customer favorite.  The stretchy yarns make this sock easy to put on and take off.  For men and women in four colors.

Allegro Sheer Support Knee Highs: Features include a wide soft top-band and balloon toe for comfort.  Available with an open or closed toe, and in wide-calf sizes.

Mediven Assure Knee Highs: This unisex sock is available in two lengths with an open or closed toe.  Mediven quality at a great price.

Allegro Ribbed Dress Sock for Men: Classic men’s dress sock, with moderate compression.  Balloon toe for comfort.  Wears like iron.

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