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Allergic to Nylon – Can I Wear Compression Stockings?

Allergic to Nylon – Can I Wear Compression Stockings?

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Traditional compression stockings are available in a wide variety of fabric blends; cotton, wool, polyester, etc., but two fibers are always part of that blend… spandex and nylon.  So if you have a nylon allergy and have to wear compression, what are your options?

The Allegro Premium Italian Wool Sock is the only off-the-shelf compression sock we sell that is nylon-free. It contains graduated compression of 15-20 mmHg and is made from 53% cotton, 40% wool, and 7% spandex.

For individuals who require a higher level of compression or a stocking longer than a knee high, the best option will be short stretch bandages or a cotton liner with a compression stocking or compression wrap over top.

For individuals with a nylon allergy looking for a comfortable sock without compression, SmartKnit diabetic socks are made with polyester and spandex…no nylon.

Lastly, if you have a very mild nylon allergy, the Juzo 5760 Silver Sole may be an option. It only contains 5% nylon and comes in a low-cut, crew sock, and knee high lengths.

By: Pete@BrightLife Direct

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