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The New Allegro Italian Collection!

The Allegro Italian Collection!

If you’re looking for luxurious compression socks at a good price, you’re going to love the Allegro Italian Collection. You can find gorgeous sheer knee highs, thigh highs and pantyhose along with some of the most comfortable socks available. These socks are available exclusively from BrightLife Direct.

Allegro Premium Milk Sock

Doggie Approved Compression Socks!

You know that comfy sweater you refuse to take off because it’s just that soft? That’s how we feel about the Allegro Premium Milk Sock. These soft and silky socks are woven using milk fiber, which is made from a protein in milk called casein. This fiber has been around before the 1930’s and was often used as a substitute for wool in World War II. Milk casein is naturally anti-bacterial and is healthy for the skin. This sock provides 15-20mmHg compression, which is great for traveling and everyday use. Available in Black, Grey, Navy and White.

Allegro Premium Italian Wool Sock

Allegro Premium - Italian Wool Compression Sock 15-20mmHg - # 131

The Allegro Premium Wool Sock is made in Italy from the finest cotton and wool fibers. This soft, durable sock features an anatomical foot portion and an elastic dot over the anklebone for comfort and style. Made with a reinforced heel and toe for durability and a non-binding top band to keep the sock in place all day long. The Allegro Wool Sock provides 15-20mmHg of gradient compression to prevent swelling and fatigue. If you spend a lot of time on your feet or are traveling, this sock is a must-have. Designed for men and women in Black, Grey and Dark Khaki.

Premium Italian Sheers

Women Modeling Allegro Premium Italian Sheers

The Allegro Premium Italian Sheers are extremely sheer, soft and stretchy. These silky garments are made with a flawless satin finish with a barely visible shadow reinforced heel and toe. The Italian Sheers feature high quality double wrapped spandex to be comfortable and resilient. The Knee Highs are kept in place with a wide soft knit top-band. The Thigh Highs are held up with two soft wide silicone bands inside the beautiful lace band. The Pantyhose feature a soft knitted waistband that slims the tummy area and is also available in plus sizes. The Italian Sheers provide 15-20mmHg compression to keep your legs looking and feeling amazing. Available in Nude, Mocha and Black.

Premium Cotton Socks

Allegro Premium - Italian Open Toe Cotton Knee Highs 15-20mmHg - # 115

The Allegro Premium Italian Cotton Socks are a customer favorite. A customer recently said, “They are perfect, absolutely perfect” – and we agree! These comfortable ribbed socks are made from an extremely soft “no shrink” Italian cotton. They feature a reinforced heel and toe and a non-binding top band to keep the sock in place. Available in Grey, Beige, Black Brown and Navy in 15-20mmHg and 20-25mmHg compression. PLUS, they’re now available in an open toe! The Allegro Italian Open Toe Cotton Knee Highs have 15-20mmHg compression and are available in Black and Beige.


  Allegro Milk Compression Socks   Allegro Premium Italian Wool Compression Sock

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