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All About Sockwell

All About Sockwell


sockwell hiking sock

Have you heard of Sockwell socks? Sockwell is a compression brand designed for health and comfort with a flair for the fashionable. Compression socks apply graduated pressure to your legs to increase blood flow back to your heart. This can boost circulation, increase energy levels, prevent blood clots and reduce leg swelling. Compression also helps prevent varicose vein pain and can stop varicose and spider veins from forming. Sockwell socks are made in America from merino wool and bamboo fibers or "cashmerino". These materials are what make Sockwell so durable and soft, like a supportive cloud. The fibers provide natural thermoregulation and moisture management, making these socks perfect for all day, every day wear. They're also antibacterial, and blister-proof. Sockwell is more than supportive, they are also stylish with fun patterns in a variety of colors!

Crafted with your wellness in mind, Sockwell is all about Feeling Better in Style. Below are a few of our most popular styles from Sockwell:



elevation sock

The Elevation sock combines luxurious, high-performing fabric with 20-30 mmHg of firm compression to make the perfect pair. It's cushioned to support your arch and keep your foot comfortable and supported all day long. Available in men's and women's in a variety of muted colors.



pulse sockwell

Functional and fun, the Pulse sock is 20-30 mmHg of compression and is made (like all Sockwell socks) with natural fibers to regulate temperature and wick away moisture, making them great for every day wear. Men's and women's options are available in earthy colors.



Ascend sockwell socks compression soft

Available in 15-20 mmHg and knee-high or crew styles, Ascend is for the outdoor person. These socks are built with Alpaca fibers to improve softness and durability. They are thermoregulated and cushioned with super soft lambswool and an Alpaca blend so you can hike all day. Available in neutral colors.



sockwell twister

Can't choose between stripes or polka dots? Twister does it all. All about the cushion, this sock has an ultra light cushioned sole with a seamless toe closure so your toes won't get irritated. It is available in 20-30 mmHg. Color options are navy, black, hyacinth and jade. Also available in solid black if you aren't ready to commit to so much pattern.



damask sockwell

Looking for a feminine sock pattern in bright colors? Look no further, this cute Sockwell Women's Damask sock is the one. With 15-20 mmHg of therapeutic compression, these socks will minimize varicose veins, prevent ankle and leg swelling, and reduce fatigue. Available in a variety of beautiful colors.


Plantar Fasciitis Socks

plantar sleeve sock

Soft and stretchy, these plantar fasciitis socks soothe foot pain and discomfort by supporting your Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. Available in solid colors as well as patterns and three styles: crew length, quarter length and an open toe foot sleeve.


No Compression

big easy no compression

Sockwell has a series of socks with no compression. They are designed for people with diabetes or sensitive feet that need extra attention. If you have sensitive feet check out these soft socks that are created with a seamless toe, relaxed fit and non-binding rib top.


Shop Sockwell to elevate your health and wellness. 


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