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All About Allegro

All About Allegro

Interested in compression but not sure where to startDip your toes into AllegroBrightLife Direct’s house brand of affordable compression garments. This value line offers a variety of options like wide calf sizes, open toe styles as well as sheer and moisture wicking fabrics.  

If you haven't worn compression socks and aren't sure if you should let me share some of the benefits. If you’re a compression wearing pro you can skip this     part ; ). Compression stockings improve circulation, so your doctor might recommend compression if you have lymphedema, are having surgery or have vascular disease. But you don’t need a medical condition to wear them, because everyone can benefit from the improved circulation compression socks offer. Even if you've never noticed it before, your legs swell. Every day. Seriously, measure your ankles when you first wake up and when you go to bed that night, there will be a difference. As the day goes on gravity has a hard time getting all the blood back up your legs which causes swelling. This lack of blood flow can cause aching in your legs and even tiredness. Don compression stockings to reduce daily leg swelling and the cons that go with itOther benefits of compression include reducing or preventing varicose veins and spider veins, speeding up recovery after a workout or long walk. Similarly, if you are sedentary, stand a lot or are pregnant your legs will thank you for wearing compression.

These socks can be confusing for a first-time purchaser because there are a variety of sizes and gradient pressures. Check out our size finder blog for help choosing the correct size for you. Or contact us, we have professional fitters ready to help. As for compression levels, a 20-30 mmHg sock will squeeze your leg tighter than 8-15 mmHg. If you’re just beginning your compression sock wearing journey you will want to start at 8-15 mmHg or 15-20 mmHg. Put your new compression socks on first thing in the morning and be amazed when you go to bed and realize the tired, achiness has disappeared.  “My legs and feet are less tired when I wear them, and they control the swelling I tend to get in my ankles” one customer reviewed after purchasing an Allegro pair.  

The Allegro brand offers quality and support identical to the more famousmore expensive brands. You save money buying Allegro because we buy direct from the manufacturer and pass those savings on to our customers. We also utilize simple, cost effective packaging so your money stays in your pocket. Most importantly, our customers have continuously rated Allegro the best of all the brands we sellThese socks were half the price of the big name socks and stay up on my leg, support better for a longer time than the rest. I have tried a number of others, and these are the best. I have been using support socks for 15 years now, I wish I would have tried these earlier because I would have saved a lot of money” one customer wrote. 

What else does Allegro offer? Options! Pairs under twenty dollars for men and women, athletic styles and sheer-open toes are just a few of the options.

Open toe socks are offered in knee high, thigh high and pantyhose styles.  


Sheer, opaquepatterned and ribbed fabrics, to name a few.  

We also have Armsleeves available from Allegro, including an armsleeve/gauntlet combo.

After buying our Allegro Essential Sheer a returning customer wrote, “I've been wearing these for over ten years and will keep buying them. 

Discover for yourself why Allegro is our highest rated brand. 

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