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L&R Rosidal® Lymphset, Deluxe Double Leg

SKU LMR-49103
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Rosidal Lymphset's are complete ready-to-use multi-layer compression bandaging kits. This Deluxe leg kit contains two complete sets of bandaging material, so one can be worn while the other is being washed.


tg® Tubular Bandage
(1) Size 9
For skin protection under decongestion compression bandage

Mollelast® Bandage
(20) 4cm x 4m
Comfortable soft, highly elastic conforming bandage for the compression of fingers and toes in lyphedema bandaging

Cellona® Synthetic Padding
(4) 10cm x 3 m, (6) 15 cm x 3 m
Padding under decongestive compression bandages for even distribution of pressure and for the prevention of constrictions and pressure spots

Rosidal® K Short Stretch Bandage
(2) 6 cm x 5 m, (2) 8 cm x 5 m, (4) 10 cm 5 m, (4) 12 cm x 5 m
100% cotton, for strong compression of extremities in lymphedema treatment

(2) 15 cm x 5 m
For strong compression and stablization dressing on the thigh and abdomen

Komprex® Foam Rubber Pad
(2) Kidney Shaped 9 cm x 5 cm
For padding and more even pressure distribution in the ankle joint

Silkafix® Adhesive Tape
(1) 1.25 cm x 5m
For securing lymphedema bandages

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