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Medi Genumedi PT Knee Support

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This knee brace is designed specifically to stabilize the patella and reduce patellofemoral pain. Mild compression combined with a silicone ring over the patella work to guide the patella and correct its movement. The mild compression also works to reduce swelling in the area by increasing circulation. A gentle beaded silicone top band will keep the brace comfortably in place all day.

Features and Benefits:

  • 3D pad system relaxes and activates muscles needed for proper patella tracking
  • Adjustable strap changes the pressure on the vastus lateralis muscle for individual comfort
  • Integrated silicone ring guides the patella for proper knee alignment
  • Extremely breathable fabric
  • Comfort Knit fabric with longitudinal and transverse elasticity for better comfort and anatomical fit
  • Clima-Fresh technology inhibits bacteria growth and unpleasant smelling odors.
  • Anatomical fit
Note: this item should not be worn over broken skin.

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