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L&R Komprex Foam Rubber Sheet

Original price $36.50 - Original price $255.72
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$36.50 - $255.72
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Komprex Foam is made from closed cell synthetic latex.  Used under short-stretch compression bandages like Rosidal K, the padding evenly distributes compression, and helps soften hardened, fibrotic tissue.  It's also very useful for filling depressions and providing protection to bony protrusions.

Sheets can be cut into any shape that is required.  Edges should be chamfered to prevent pressure points.  Komprex Foam can be sterilized, and is permeable to air and water vapor.  Latex free.
  • Beige in color
  • 10 mm thick (0.4 inches)
  • 100 x 50 cm in size (1.1 yard x 20 inches) 
  • Sold as 1 Single Sheet or a Case of 10 Sheets

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