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Comprilan® Short Stretch Bandages, Cases

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$114.99 - $862.59
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Comprilan is typically used as the outer layer of bandaging. It is a short stretch bandage, that provides resistance and compression to help the body remove fluid from the limb. Long stretch bandages like ACE, do not provide compression or resistance.

Note: This item cannot be returned once opened.

Made from 100% cotton, Comprilan is air permeable, absorbs moisture, and can be machine washed.

Available in two lengths, 5.5 yards and 10.9 yards. The longer rolls work well for larger limbs.

Each case contains 20 boxes, with 1 roll per box, except the 4 cm x 5 m which is 24 boxes in a case.
  • 4 cm x 5 m
  • 6 cm x 5 m
  • 8 cm x 5 m
  • 10 cm x 5 m
  • 12 cm x 5 m
  • 10 cm x 10 m
  • 12 cm x 10 m

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