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How to Measure for Compression Armsleeves

Getting the correct size in compression can be tricky - but we'll show you how!

Every brand of compression armsleeves has it’s own unique sizing system. A medium in Medi Harmony isn’t a medium in Juzo Soft or Jobst Bella. Measuring properly, and checking the size chart for the specific product you need, will ensure you get an armsleeve, glove or gauntlet that fits properly.

  • If you swell during the day, measure first thing in the morning
  • Size charts are located on every product page, right under the product image.


Download and print this measuring guide to find the exact measurements you need for each brand.

1. WRIST: Measure around your wrist.

2. ELBOW: Measure around your arm just below the elbow.

3. UPPER ARM: Measure around your arm just below your arm pit (axilla).

4. LENGTH: With your arm slightly bent, measure the outside length from the wrist to the axilla.


1. WRIST: Measure the circumference of your wrist.

2. PALM: Measure around the widest part of your palm.


Some gloves will ask that you measure each finger width. You will find this for Juzo Gloves. It is important to note that in on products like this, you should start by first measuring you wrist and palm to see which size you fall into. If you are between sizes, you should then measure your fingers to find which of the two sizes is better.

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