Solaris Tribute Wrap - Arm

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Finally - a comfortable night-time garment without the expense or hassle of custom ordering. The TributeWrap Arm Garment is designed to lymphedema and edema management during the evening and overnight. Most importantly for nighttime use - it's comfortable and durable. The Coolcore fabric wicks away sweat and moisture to regulate body temperature. The foam design adjusts to your shape and allows you freedom of movement.

What we love about this product - and what makes it unique - are the easy donning tabs that make pulling this sleeve on and adjusting it simple.

Chevron channeling based on Manual Lymph Drainage principles of directing fluid to the collateral pathways help maintain and reduce edema. Foam technology softens fibrotic tissue.
  • Slim design benefits patient comfort
  • Durable straps and easy-to-use donning tabs 
  • Coolcore fabric wicks away sweat and moisture to regulate body temperature
  • Proven foam technology helps soften and break up hardened or fibrotic tissue
  • Chevron channeling based on MLD principles of directing lymphatic fluid to collateral pathways
  • Angled straps and darting at flexion points allows freedom to move in any resting or sleeping position
  • Package contains a black Sleep Sleeve which can be worn over the wrap to protect velcro from potential snags.

Care instructions

L&R USA recommends that all TributeWrap garments be washed and dried before the first extended use.


  • Machine wash on permanent press in warm water
  • Ensure VELCRO® brand fasteners are fastened securely prior to washing
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener
  • Do not dry clean


  • Tumble dry on permanent press with other laundry items or clean tennis balls
  • Drying time may be shortened by pressing out excess water with a towel prior to drying
  • Do not iron

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