Knee High Compression Socks with Silicone Band

Knee high compression socks can slide down and roll for many reasons: the shape of the calf, if the stocking is stretched too tight or too long, or from friction with pants and physical exertion.

If you have a hard time keeping your stockings up, try a knee high with a silicone top band. The dot-bands are very comfortable, and prevent slipping and rolling. A silicone band is a great option for those with larger calves or are moving around a lot throughout the day. Knee high top bands do an excellent job of keeping your stocking in place all day long.
For the strength of silicone with the feeling of a traditional knit top band, try Jobst SoftFit and Sensitive unisex knee high socks. These bands are made by knitting silicone threads into the knee high tops to give you the power of a silicone band delivered with the comfort and softness of a knit band.