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Allegro Armsleeves

Allegro Compression Armsleeves and Gauntlet for Lymphedema Treatment

Allegro armsleeves offer a very economical alternative for treating or preventing upper extremity lymphedema. They are available with or without a hand portion.  Available in 20-30 mmHg, the compression level typically prescribed for moderate to severe lymphedema. Allegro lymphedema garments are made in the US and are latex free. Our sleeves have a non-constricting knit top-band without silicone. Please note that Allegro armsleeves and gauntlets are sold individually.

A matching 20-30 mmHg compression gauntlet with thumb stub is available. This gauntlet provides compression for the palm of the hand and wrist.  It should be worn with a compression armsleeve to prevent fluid from being pushed into the hand. The gauntlet is also latex free, and can be worn on either hand.  It has a thumb stub for comfort. 

For seamless compression from hand to upper arm, checkout the Allegro Armsleeve/Gauntlet Combo. It is extremely affordable and provides 20-30 mmHg compression to treat lymphedema or edema. The gauntlet features a comfortable thumb stub and the sleeve has a non-constricting knit top-band. The armsleeve and gauntlet combination provides compression from the knuckles to the axilla, and is very easy to get on and off.