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Comfortable Treatment for Lymphedema of the Torso

Comfortable Treatment for Lymphedema of the Torso

The Belisse Compressure Comfort Garment is much more than a mastectomy bra. It’s a medical compression garment that drains excess lymphatic fluid in the chest and breast area, that may result from breast cancer or other chest and truncal surgeries. Belisse addresses the specific needs of women with lymphedema, post-surgical discomfort, and post-radiation edema and/or fibrosis. By gently compressing all around the torso, it directs the lymphatic fluids to other functional pathways in the body. Built-in pockets simplify the use of specialty pads to address specific breast and chest wall fibrosis.

Belisse is available in a wide variety of sizes. A front zipper makes it easy to don and easy to adjust. Variable position back closures offer added adjust-ability. The attractive shape can be worn comfortably day and night. It is soft on the skin, smooth to allow restful sleep, and unobtrusive under clothing.

If you are dealing with swelling in the lower trunk area, the Solidea Active Massage Top is another great option. While the compression level is lower than many products, the 3D active massage knit fabric works wonders in moving fluid.

Solidea also makes several high-waisted short/pant options with this same massage knit fabric. The Solidea Bike Shorts stop at the top of the knee and go above the belly button. This can help move fluid and swelling from the buttocks and waist areas. The Active Massage Leggings extend from the ankle to just below the bra and can target edema in the legs, buttocks, waist and trunk.

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