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Sigvaris 191 Zurich Collection – Sea Island Cotton for Men – First Look

Sigvaris 191 Zurich Collection – Sea Island Cotton for Men – First Look

Sigvaris Zurich Sea Island Cotton Sock box

I received a sample of the Zurich Sea Island Cotton Socks Wednesday morning.  At the time I was wearing a sock I reviewed last week that wasn’t particularly comfortable.  Off they came, and on went the new Sigvaris.  It was love at first wear.

Fabric:  Sea Island Cotton is the highest quality cotton in the world, and the look and feel of this fabric makes that very evident.  These socks would look right at home in the sock department of Neiman Marcus.  The fabric is thin, with a very fine touch.  Most cotton support socks are thicker.

Foot:  Besides the fabric, this was the best part of the sock.  The foot is fitted, but not tight.  There is no toe seam.  Within 10 minutes of putting these on, I had completely forgotten about them… due to how comfortable they are, and not my bad memory.

The heel is a traditional reciprocated design.  I wear a 9.5 shoe, and a size B in this sock.  I did notice some pulling on the sides of the heel, where a little skin showed through.  This is normal with this type of heel.  Someone with a size 11 foot will see even more skin.

Leg: The leg portion, like the rest of the sock, was extremely comfortable.  Fresh out of the box, they did not slide down at all.  I’m 5’9” with a 17” leg, very average.  The length on the size B was perfect.  Someone with a long leg might find these to be a bit short.  The larger size C is longer.

Care: The care instructions say machine wash and air dry.  Do not iron, dry clean, or tumble dry.  I tumble dry all of my socks, and just took these out of the dryer.  They look beautiful and didn’t shrink at all in length.  I know what I’m wearing again today.  A word of caution… not following the manufacturer’s care instructions means your stockings won’t last as long.

Conclusion: In a moderate 15-20mmHg compression, this is one of the finest socks I have ever worn.  The new Zurich Collection also includes a merino wool sock for men and women.  Can’t wait to give them a try.

I’ll do a follow-up on the cotton in a few months to report how they wear over time.

By: Pete@BrightLife Direct

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