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March Madness and Compression

March Madness and Compression

Welcome back, March Madness. 


Whether you are a sports fanatic or not, you have probably noticed athletes wearing compression garments. Compression is commonly viewed as a medical device, something to be worn when your doctor recommends it. Like, after an injury or surgery. However, this is only partially accurate. Compression has been a key player in sports for a long time, beginning with Michael Jordan who wore compression shorts in the '90s. Athletes, like the college basketball players competing in Indiana this year, wear compression during warm-ups and games. So, why are so many athletes wearing compression?

march madness arm compression

 Today, athletes wear compression to increase performance, provide protection from injury and reduce soreness. One study measured arterial circulation in runners with and without compression. The research concluded that wearing compression during a workout dramatically improves circulation. This is beneficial because increased circulation provides protection from injury and reduces muscle fatigue and soreness.

wisconsin michigan ncaa versus compression arm


If you aren't a pro athlete, how can compression benefit you?

Compression can be worn while you work out. After a brutal workout, the squeezed muscles will heal faster because of the increased circulation. Moisture wicking calf and arm sleeves are also helpful in the gym or after an outdoor cardio session because they limit sweat and odor. Compression can leave you feeling comfortable, supported and dry. BrightLife Direct has compression sleeves that are also antimicrobial. This protects your body from bacteria while eliminating odors. Reduced sweat (and smell) is a great bonus and your fellow gym members or walking buddies will thank you.

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Compression socks can be worn to improve circulation when you aren't working out to keep you feeling energized. If your legs feel heavy at the end of the day consider wearing compression to alleviate the heaviness. You will also notice improved energy levels.

So there you have it; compression can improve performance, increase energy levels and wick away sweat. Which is helpful, even if you aren't playing in the Final Four.


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