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Great Lymphedema Blogs and Communities

The internet can be a magical and wonderful place, uniting those from around the world with the same interests, whether it’s a cookie cutter collector group or a lymphedema community you are looking for. Lymphedema is a disease that affects millions of people globally but it can feel isolating if you don’t know anyone else who is managing the same symptoms and challenges. There are loads of people from all walks of life who understand your daily challenges. While we can’t help the cookie cutter collectors, we can help those with lymphedema get information and find other people like them to make connections with.

We get it, life is busy. Sorting through the information overload the magic of the internet provides can be overwhelming . We’ve done the hard part for you and combed the internet to find the best resources for lymphedema support and education. If you have any suggestions, please send them our way so we can share it with others and add to our list.

The Lymphie Life – Alexa shares tons of great information on lymphedema and opens up about her personal experience with lymphedema in her right leg. Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks, support, or want to read stories of other people’s journeys with lymphedema, The Lymphie Life is the place to be!

Loving Life with Lymphedema – Allie shares her #ootd (Outfit Of The Day) for fashion inspiration and brands that keep her looking and feeling great while having lymphedema and cancer. If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable pants and shoes with lower extremity lymphedema, Allie at Loving Life with Lymphedema is your girl! Check her out on social media as well as her blog.

Lymphie Strong - this awesome blogger aims to give hope and inspiration to those living with lymphedema. She hosts a variety of lymphedema challenges you can join in on via social media. Veronica covers a variety of helpful topics, tips and virtual events on her blog and social media. Check out her page to get in on the fun!

Lymphfantastic - Is a great blog source for information and the latest lymphedema news, written in both German and English.

Lymphedema Blog – Is another good one written by a Lymphedema Specialist who formed the Academy of Lymphatic Studies, a school providing Lymphedema Therapy Certification courses across the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This site hosts a wealth of information on lymphedema with topics such as exercise and travel as well as primary and secondary lymphedema and CVI. The site even has a lymphedema jobs section!

Facebook Lymphedema Community – This Facebook community brings together lymphedema patients, therapists, physicians, industry professionals and family and friends to build a place to connect and share experiences, knowledge and support. You can also visit lymphedemacommunity.com to read blog posts, find events and groups as well as chat with others in the community.

Lymphatic Network – Is brought to you by the Lymphatic Education & Research Network. This site provides news, education resources for download as well as LE&RN Chapters throughout the U.S. so you can connect with others affected by lymphedema and other lymphatic diseases in your area.

BreastCancer.org Discussion Boards – These boards are a great place to ask questions, find answers and connect with other women with lymphedema related to breast cancer treatment. Boards range in topic from “All Things Gloves and Sleeves” to “Important Links for Newbies.”

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We of course want to be a resource for you as well. So, if you have questions about lymphedema products – we’re here to help.

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