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Hot Potato Hot Potato 🎵

Hot Potato Hot Potato 🎵

sweet potatoes thanksgiving meal

If you are in need of a Thanksgiving side dish or if you are looking to put a spin on a traditional favorite, you are in luck. Your next must-try recipe, Sweet Potatoes with Maple-horseradish Butter, is a melody of flavors. It combines earthy tones infused with maple, while the horseradish adds a peppery bite. This dish is a home run for any holiday meal. 

Low-fat? Check

Sweet & savory? Check

Nutritious? Check! We're here to bust the myth that sweet potatoes are a useless, starchy carb. Fun fact, they made the Clean 15 List (meaning they have a very low percentage of pesticide presence) and are packed with nutritious benefits.


 Control diabetes

Sweet potatoes are diabetic friendly because they have a moderately low glycemic index. A food with a low glycemic index slowly releases sugar into the blood stream. While sweet potatoes are starchy, their high fiber content makes them a slow burning starch. This means they are slowly digested while their sugar is slowly released into your blood stream. The sweet potatoes slow, self-regulating digestion helps monitor blood sugar in people with type I and type II diabetes. The gradual digestion also helps fight your hangry mood when it gets closer to your next meal.


Reduce stress

Studies have shown magnesium helps reduce stress and anxiety. Guess what food is full of magnesium? Sweet potatoes are an easy way to add this essential mineral to your daily diet. Lack of sleep is an immense cause of stress and, worse, nearly 50% of older adults suffer from lack of sleep. One way insomnia can be treated is through the mineral magnesium.

Stress can also cause high blood pressure and magnesium has been linked to reducing blood pressure.

Sweet potatoes are a great way to get your daily magnesium and they may also help with sleep issues and the stress that come with not getting a proper amount of sleep.

This vegetable is also high in vitamin B6 which has been associated with raising serotonin and reducing depression symptoms. Plus, they are high in fiber, which allows your body to retain and use the magnesium and vitamins in this power vegetable.

Here is a list of other foods filled with magnesium.


Fight inflammation

Sweet potatoes may reduce and prevent chronic inflammation because they have a high concentration of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Together these vitamins work to combat inflammation at a cellular level. Vitamin A coaches your immune system to slow inflammation, which is crucial in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. One medical study discovered Vitamin C significantly reduced inflammation in diabetic adults.  Eating anti-inflammatory foods, such as sweet potatoes, can prevent chronic illnesses, such as Alzheimer's, and slow premature death or disability. The vitamins in sweet potatoes make them a powerhouse in fighting pain and other chronic issues associated with inflammation.

 Let us know in the comments if you add this recipe to your holiday spread or if you have a vegetable dish we should try!


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