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How To Use A Stocking Donner

How To Use A Stocking Donner

If you have trouble bending at the waist, crossing your legs, or have decreased hand strength, putting on compression stockings can be very difficult, if not impossible. BrightLife Direct carries various types of devices to assist in putting on tight compression garments. The most common type is a metal frame, usually called a donner or butler.

First, you pre-position the stocking over a wide circular metal frame. You begin the donning process by using your leg muscles and gravity to step into the stocking until your foot is flat on the floor. Next, grab hold of the donner’s handles and pull up, pulling the stocking up your leg. It sounds easy to use, and really is, but figuring out how to use the device can be difficult. Now you can watch a short 1 minute video demonstration.

There are 4 different stocking donners available. The Jobst Stocking Donner is the most basic and priced at $26.95. If you have average sized legs and a moderate amount of mobility this donner should work for you.

Individuals with big legs will need the Medi Big Butler. The big butler has an extra wide frame to accommodate wide calves and is priced at $59.95.

The Vario Donning Butler by Medi has adjustable height handles. Perfect for people with difficulty bending or limited mobility.

Finally there is the Medi Double Butler, which is made for stepping into both legs of pantyhose.

Whichever butler you choose, they all work in the same way and after watching our video you’ll be donning your stockings like a pro.

Pete@BrightLife Direct

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