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A Brief History of Compression Stockings

A Brief History of Compression Stockings

Interested in a little hidden lore about compression hosiery? Over 90% of the support stockings we sell are made in the United States. However, the invention and use of compression therapy began in Europe. The best-known compression hosiery manufacturers such as Jobst, Juzo and Mediven, originated in Europe before World War II. In the 1950โ€™s as Americans started to understand the benefits of wearing compression stockings, European manufacturers opened US operations. You may remember brand names such as "Supphose"?.

Did you know that compression and support hosiery is much more popular in Europe than here in the US? Most European governments pay for up to six pair a year for each of their citizens who need the benefits of compression therapy. They know it enhances the health of their citizens and helps prevent more serious, and costly, health problems. Because Americans are learning about the health benefits of wearing even light compression leg wear, their popularity here is growing very quickly.

Thanks to online specialists like BrightLife Direct, you can now save 30% to 50%, or more, on the best compression hosiery in the greatest range of colors, styles and compressions available in the US today. And shipping is quick. Most orders ship the same day. When you add the rising cost of driving to stores, with the discounts offered online, there is no reason to shop any other way!

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