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Dress Like The Stars In These Compression Socks

Dress Like The Stars In These Compression Socks

These stylish celebrities wear compression socks when flying to protect their legs against blood clots, swelling and fatigue. Whether you're on a plane or embarking on a long car ride, throw on a pair of compression socks to keep your legs fresh, healthy and energized.

We were inspired by these health-conscious fashionistas, so we put together a traveler's style guide to combine fashion and health, comfortably. Here's how to get the look: 

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba opted for a pair of Sigvaris Performance Compression Socks in Black on a recent flight. These socks are designed for athletes to boost performance and protect against injury. These high-tech socks are made with moisture-wicking fibers to keep your feet cool, comfortable and dry.


The Look: Sigvaris Performance Compression Socks


Here's how to wear it:

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar protected her legs in a stylish pair of striped Sockwell compression socks. These cute compression socks come in a variety of colors and are ideal for traveling or wearing during long periods of sitting or standing. These soft socks provide arch support for comfortable, all day wear.

The Look: Sockwell Circulator Stripe Compression Socks

Here's how to wear it:

Harrison Ford

How does Hans Solo keep his legs healthy for his latest adventures? With compression socks, of course. Harrison Ford was spotted wearing Zensah compression socks in London this past week. He's there filming the next chapter of Star Wars movies - Star Wars: Episode VII.

Ford wore the black Zensah Tech Compression Socks for a bicycle ride around town. Athletic compression socks are great for preventing shin splints, energizing legs, and reducing muscle fatigue during and after intense physical activity. So, if you're looking for Indiana Jones approved athletic accessories - look no further than Zensah compression socks.

No matter what your style is, it's important to wear compression socks when you fly to protect your legs and reduce your risk of DVT. We have lot of cute compressions socks in a variety of patterns and colors. Travel in style with looks from the biggest fashion brands like Rejuva, Top & Derby, Sockwell, and more.





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