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What is the difference between a Compression Glove and Gauntlet?

What is the difference between a Compression Glove and Gauntlet?

Quite simply, a glove provides compression by covering the fingers to the first joint or entirely.  A gauntlet only goes on your hand as far as the knuckles, leaving fingers free of compression.  Many patients that must wear compression on their hands will own both because some activities, such as typing, can be made more difficult if the entire finger is covered.  Traditionally a gauntlet also covers more of the wrist than a glove might, although that is not always the case these days.

Morgan Freeman now wears a compression glove on his left hand to reduce the chronic swelling that resulted from an automobile accident in 2008. It does not seem to have slowed him down.  We’ve noticed in pictures from various award ceremonies since that time that he definitely takes advantage of the various colors and styles of gloves and gauntlets to match his wardrobe.

Freeman told People Magazine “a person generally moves their hands about a million times a day, when you sustain a hand injury it is not something that you can ignore or even let rest without some movement”.

Morgan Freeman

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