Custom Compression For Kids!

Custom compression garments can be made for people of all shapes and sizes, even kids! It can be difficult to find great compression clothing for kids, especially when it comes to comfort and the fit. Luckily, we’ve found some great options and an awesome story that will give you hope. That being said, meet Lucia.

A popular lymphedema blog, Little Miss Lucia’s Lymphoedema Life, shares the life of Lucia, a young girl diagnosed with Primary Lymphedema. This is a rare condition that is characterized by chronic swelling. Manual Lymphatic Drainage and regularly wearing compression stockings help to manage lymphedema symptoms. While there are plenty of compression stocking brands on the market, nearly all of them are targeted at adults – not children. Though size might be the first problem you think of when buying an adult product for a child, getting a fabric and style that is comfortable for a young person to wear is also a huge issue.

In a touching blog post, we learned about Lucia heading back to school, happily and in style. She was surprised with colorful custom compression stockings made for children that perfectly matched her school uniform! These flashy red compression stockings are custom-made by Juzo to Lucia’s measurements and provide the medical compression she needs. Most importantly, these custom stockings are comfortable for her to wear and allow Lucia to attend school with her brother, Max. For children who need custom compression garments, Juzo offers a variety of colorful options in high compression levels.

Juzo also makes flat knit compression garments for children, including armsleeves! If your child experiences arm swelling from lymphedema in the upper extremity, armsleeves, gauntlets and gloves can help to manage their condition.

More options for kids? Therafirm offers SmartKnit Kids, a line of ready-to-wear socks, compression shirts and more, for children experiencing sensory processing differences. These innovative garments are made with a moisture-wicking fabric to keep your child dry, comfortable, and healthy. Therafirm offers comfortable, healthy clothing for kids, including seamless socks that don’t hurt sensitive feet! Therafirm’s SmartKnit Kids collection offers great, comfortable options for your kids.

The cost of compression garments for kids can be really expensive, especially if a custom garment is required. Luckily, Brylan’s Feat Foundation helps to give children access to the compression garments they need in order to effectively manage lymphedema.

Many brands like Juzo offer custom compression socks for children and adults. If you’re in the market for adult custom compression garments, give us a call at 1-877-545-8585.


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Stephanie - April 13, 2020

Hi Rebecca – we do offer custom compression for kids, unfortunately we are unable to ship custom garments to Australia.

Rebecca Salomons - April 13, 2020

Hi, I have a 6yr old boy with lymphedena in this right leg, do you stock anything for him and do you ship to Australia?
Thanks Beck

Stephanie - March 30, 2020

Hi Yolanda – beyond the options listed in the blog above, you can contact and she can walk you through the custom options.

Yolanda Sloss - March 30, 2020

I am looking for gmfun looking compression socks for my 12 year old special needs 12 year old grandson whom has had 5 surgeries to a condition called chromosome deletion.

Ashley McDonald - October 31, 2019

I’m seeking compression (fun colors) socks for my 5ft 69pound 12 year old daughter with autonomic dysfunction. Several doctors have suggested compression socks for compression leggings (footless) and we are running into dead ends due to her thin frame. What is your process/cost for custom garments? She is also sensory so rough seems and loose strings will not work.

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