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Do Compression Stockings Make Your Legs Itch?

Do Compression Stockings Make Your Legs Itch?

Itching is universal. Everyone, at some point, has to scratch an itch.

There are so many things that make us itch, besides wearing compression stockings, that determining and eliminating the cause is almost impossible. Xerosis or dry skin makes us itch. Allergies, fungal infections, and insect bites can make us itch. Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema can cause severe itching. Even scratching can make us itch more. Repetitive scratching produces a thick, often slightly darker area of skin, that itches even more. A topical cream with capsaicin or corticosteroid may be required to break the itch-scratch-itch cycle.

Completely eliminating the itch from compression stockings may not be possible, but you may be able to reduce the severity by moisturizing. We sell several creams and gels that do a great job of moisturizing your skin, and there are many dermatologist recommended pharmacy brand lotions that do a good job too. I have very dry and sensitive skin, plus eczema and psoriasis, and have found Cerave lotion does the best job of keeping my skin type moisturized. I slather it on from head to toe in the morning after I shower, and at night before bed. In the morning, I try to moisture at least 15-20 minutes before donning my stockings so the lotion has time to be absorbed. Consistency is important. If I miss a day or two, my skin starts to itch again, with or without compression stockings.

This regimen won’t work for everyone, but if your legs itch when you wear compression socks, give it a try for a few days to see if it helps you.

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