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Best Socks for Veterinarians

Best Socks for Veterinarians

Our Director of Security – Oslo the standard schnauzer, just came home from a visit to the vet. At 7 months old it was time to be spayed. Thanks to the doctors and staff at Friendship Animal Hospital for taking such great care of our girl. She came out wagging her tail, and her adjustment to wearing a cone has already provided many comical moments.

In the visits to Friendship these past few days, the only people I saw sitting were the pets and their owners. The entire staff, from the people working at the front desk, to the techs and vets taking care of the animals, never sat down.

So why would a veterinarian wear compression socks? When you’re standing all day, gravity has an enormous effect on the circulation of your blood. You may remember from anatomy class, blood pumps from your heart into arteries, which carries the fresh, oxygenated blood to all of your extremities. Veins bring the blood back to your heart and lungs for more oxygen. When we stand, the veins have to work a great deal harder to move that blood from our feet back to the heart. So, as the day wears on our feet and ankles start to swell, and our legs feel tired, heavy, and achy. We feel this way because all of the blood isn’t making it back up to the heart, it’s pooling in our ankles (thus the swelling). Graduated compression socks help the veins push blood back up to your heart. These socks increase blood circulation and reducing pressure on your veins.

Medical staff from doctors, to nurses and vets, have been wearing them for years.

Recommended socks for Veterinarians:

Allegro Athletic Support Socks: This unisex stocking has a soft padded foot portion, and a wide comfortable top-band. Made with Cool-Max Polyester, they will keep your feet comfortable all day.

Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton: Available in 15-20mmhg, or 20-30mmHg for those that need more support, this sock is woven so only cotton touches the skin. A low friction toe-seam prevents irritation.

Jobst ActiveWear: From the #1 brand, this sock for men and women comes in four compression levels. It’s extremely comfortable and fits a wide range of sizes.

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