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Best Socks for Retail Store Employees

Best Socks for Retail Store Employees

In just a few days the biggest shopping season of the year is about to begin.  Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and now Thanksgiving Day.  (P.S. We’re closed on Thanksgiving, and can be found stuffed with stuffing, watching a game on the sofa).

Retailers across the country have hired tens of thousands of extra workers to direct busy shoppers to the correct aisle and keep those shelves stocked.  Working in retail means long hours on your feet, especially this time of year.   It’s not easy keeping a smile on your face when your dogs are barking.  Unless you’re very young with a venous system in tip-top shape, after 8 hours of standing, your ankles will swell and your feet and legs will ache to some degree.  The older we are, the worse it gets.

sales-clerkTruly therapeutic compression stockings DO help.  A moderate 15-20mmHg compression is all that’s needed to keep blood from pooling in your lower extremities.  No swollen ankles, and with a constant flow of oxygenated blood, less ache in the legs and feet.

We know retail employees aren’t overcompensated, so we’ve put together some very reasonably priced stocking options that will keep you on your feet right through the January sales.

If you wear pants to work and can wear any color socks, try our Allegro Athletic Compression Socks priced at $18.84.  These are perfect for men and women.  They have a well padded sole, flat toe seam, and comfortable top band.  Plus they can be machine washed and dried.

For women who have to wear skirts or dresses to work, we have a large selection of compression knee highs and thigh highs available.  Allegro Sheer Support Knee Highs are $12.54 per pair.  Sheer thigh highs are $18.84.  Allegro Microfibers are another great option.  These look like a pair of tights, and the thigh highs are available in fashion colors like charcoal and wine.  The moderate compression thigh highs are priced at $29.95 per pair.

For men who need to wear dress pants or a suit to work, try our Allegro Ribbed Dress Compression Socks priced at $14.12.  Available in black, brown, navy and white, this has been one of our best selling men’s support socks for the last 14 years.

From the floors of Bloomingdale’s to Best Buy, here’s to a profitable and pain free holiday shopping season!

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