` ; L&R USA Solaris Scrotum Swell Spot SP-15-M

L&R USA Solaris Scrotum Swell Spot SP-15-M

SKU: SP-15-M

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The Scrotum Swell Spot features a tapered design to enhance comfort while wearing and lower abdominal coverage to direct fluid away from the genital area. This swell Spot may be worn inside or over underwear. The Scrotum Spot is designed to gently cradle the scrotum. This design accommodates scrotal circumference up to 27cm. Latex free. Made in the USA.

NOTE: This item is non-returnable once worn.
  • Measures approx 30cm x 50cm

To wash your Swell Spots, just toss them in your washing machine with a normal load of laundry and machine dry (remember, do not use bleach or fabric softeners in the washing and drying process).

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