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L&R USA Solaris Sobol Swell Spot - SP-06

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Designed by Maris Sobol, PT, CLT-LANA to address post-mastectomy fibrotic tissue on the chest wall, especially that which is due to radiation or surgical incision scarring.  Place a Sobol Swell Spot in a sports bra, to position and add compression.  Therapists report that the Sobol Spot is ideal for the hip, anterior-posterior knee, and the abdomen when used under bandages or compression garments.  Latex free.  Made in the USA.

NOTE: This item is non-returnable once worn.
  • Small: Measures approx 18cm diameter
  • Large: Measures approx 22 cm diameter

To wash your Swell Spots, just toss them in your washing machine with a normal load of laundry and machine dry (remember, do not use bleach or fabric softeners in the washing and drying process).

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