Hosiery Mate Revitalizing Washing Solution

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Hosiery Mate uses a special formula made just for hosiery to bond with the nylon fibers and strengthen them. This reduces runs snags sagging and it eliminates static cling. You will love the silkier feel of your cleaner fresher hosiery. Hosiery Mate contains no phosphates bleach or dye and is biodegradable. This product has a light lavender scent.

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    Hand Wash:

    • Pour four capfuls of Hosiery Mate® into a sink filled with warm water Swish garment around for 15 seconds
    • Gently squeeze out excess water. Do not wring garment. The best way to remove extra moisture is to place the garment between two towels and apply light pressure. The towels will absorb the excess liquid without damaging the fabric.
    • Lay flat or hang to dry

    Machine Wash:

    • Add two to four oz. of Hosiery Mate® to a small load. Gauge based on weight of stockings and size of load.
    • Use warm water
    • HE machine approved

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