Mediven 550 Custom Armsleeve


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Treating moderate to severe lymphedema and lipedema, often requires more than an off-the-shelf solution. The Mediven 550 Custom Armsleeve can be customized to fit almost any shape or size arm. The knit combines both elastic and inelastic properties, to provide containment for the most serious cases of edema. Available in 10 colors, several unique patterns, and three compression levels, Class I, II, and III.
Some of the many custom options include:
  • Anatomical shoulder cap w/shoulder strap
  • Anatomical shoulder cap w/ bra attachment
  • Knitting marks at the elbow
  • Different styles of silicone top bands
  • Zippers
  • Silk lining at the elbow
  • Lymphpad pockets
  • Integrated glove with open or closed fingers
NOTE: Pricing is for the base garment, and does not include any options or customizations. Like all custom garments, this item can only be ordered with the help of your doctor, therapist, or other healthcare provider. To order, please give us a call at 1-877-545-8585.

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