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Medi Omomed Shoulder Support

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This shoulder support is designed to limit movement at the shoulder and reduce swelling. Movement is greatly restricted by the upper (white) strap, thus resting the injured shoulder and relieving pain. Long periods of rest and restricted movement can often help the shoulder heal and regenerate from injury. The light compression can help alleviate swelling.

Product Features
  • Limitation and prevention of injurious movements thanks to the adjustable, marked limitation of external rotation, abduction and anteflexion of the shoulder joint
  • The elastic knit exerts gentle local compression on the superficial soft-tissues to limit and counteract swelling and reduce muscular tension
  • Corrects postural deficits in the shoulder with accurate centring of the head of the humerus in the glenoid cavity and easing of shoulder pain
This brace can be worn continuously use over a number of weeks, but it is not recommended during longer periods of rest (e.g. when sleeping). It should be removed before bed.

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