Juzo Soft 2000 Knee High 15-20mmHg Open Toe with Silicone Band

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Silicone top-bands on knee highs prevent slipping and rolling.  This is the only ready-to-wear 15-20mmHg compression knee high available with a silicone band.

And below the silicone top-band is a very nice stocking.  Juzo double wraps every elastic fiber in Soft stockings. This makes the stocking very easy to put on, increases durability, and greatly increases softness and comfort. Juzo also offers 3 lengths, for a perfect fit to go along with the perfect fabric. Soft knee highs are easy-care machine wash and dry.

This stocking provides 15-20mmHg of gradient compression which helps improve blood flow, prevent edema (swelling), and reduce the discomfort caused by minor varicosities. This compression is also great for travel! Woven from 73% nylon and 27% spandex in the USA.
  • Silicone dot band prevent slipping and rolling
  • Available in 3 lengths
  • Open toe only - closed toe options are listed separately
  • Dream colors listed separately

Machine or hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Air dry or machine dry on very low temperature. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Do not iron.

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