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JoviPak Box Finger Glove - Dual Layer

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The JoviPak Dual Layer - Box Finger Glove is available in several configurations.  It can be purchased with a double layer of fabric on just the Dorsum side of the glove or with a double layer on both sides.  The dual layer(s) provide higher containment, additional therapeutic benefit, and acts as pockets that can be used for foam or PitPak pads (sold separately).  

The box shape of the fingers means there's no friction from side finger seams, and the finger length can easily be trimmed without fraying.  Glove is anatomically designed so the thumb is in its natural, and functioning position.

The Jovi Box Finger Glove can be worn with the Jovi Combi Arm Sleeve or separately.  TechSheen fabric matches Combi Sleeve.  Both of these garments are designed for daytime wear only.

NOTE: Pads and PitPaks sold separately.  This item ships in 3-5 business days.

  • Used to treat swelling or fibrosis in the hand
  • Pockets can accommodate pads (sold separately)
  • Fingers can be trimmed to any length
  • Designed for daytime wear only

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