Jobst Custom Seamless Soft Knee Highs

$107.13 $107.13
Jobst Custom Seamless Soft knee highs look like compression stockings you purchased off the shelf, but they are knit to perfectly fit your body, and can be customized with a variety of options.

NOTE: Like all custom stockings, Jobst Custom Seamless Soft must be sized by a professional fitter, therapist or healthcare provider. They cannot be ordered online. Sold individually, not in pairs. To order, please give us a call at 1-877-545-8585.

  • Class 1: 18-21mmHg
  • Class 2: 23-32mmHg
  • Class 3: 34-46mmHg
  • Sand
  • Sun Bronze
  • Amber
  • Navy
  • Black
Some of the available options:
  • 2.5 cm silicone dot top-band
  • 5 cm silicone dot top-band
  • Open toe
  • Closed toe

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