CircAid Reduction Kit for Knee


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CircAid's Reduction Kits are a revolutionary new way to treat lymphedema. Designed for use in the early decongestive phase of treatment, the Reduction Kit replaces traditional bandaging and wrapping. This gives you the patient, the freedom to maintain a normal lifestyle without constant trips to the clinic for wrapping. You can easily remove the wraps before bathing, and easily put them back on so you don't loose any of the reduction you've gained.

This Knee portion can be used alone, or combined with the Upper or Lower Leg Reduction Kits for full or partial leg compression.  Reduction Knee Kit is only available in one length and width.  See size chart.

Knee Reduction Kit includes:
  • 1 reduction knee component
  • 1 reduction shelf strap
  • 2 Velcro knee spines
  • 1 paper measuring tape
  • 1 directions for use
NOTE: The initial sizing and customization of the Knee Reduction Kit MUST be done by a certified therapist or clinic. The thigh circumference (cE2) cannot be more than 30cm larger than the knee (cE).

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