Being Prepared for Hospitalization

Most people would not think of undertaking a rigorous physical activity, such as running a race or playing competitive tennis, without first taking steps to prepare themselves for the stress and special stamina that the activity will require.

While we certainly don't think of going into a hospital for an extended stay as a sporting event, it actually can present many of the same physical and mental challenges as a grueling athletic event. As importantly, it's often possible to do "training" for your hospital stay to ensure that you're in the best shape to weather whatever your hospital experience and subsequent recuperation may require of you.

Of course, while there are many times when a hospital stay will be unexpected, often a patient will know well in advance that a certain procedure, such as joint replacement surgery, is in his or her future and that an extended hospital stay and subsequent recovery period will have to be faced. Because the prolonged periods of bed rest associated with many surgeries can increase your risk for deep-vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms, it makes excellent sense to take whatever steps you can before entering the hospital to ensure that your risk for these complications will be as low as possible.