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Velcro Compression Wraps

If you suffer from any of the following: Limited hand strength; Difficulty bending over; A limb that fluctuates in size; Unusually shaped limb; Open ulcer; Fragile skin; Need for 24 hour compression - then an alternative compression garment may be right for you. Unlike conventional compression stockings, alternative compression wraps aren’t pulled on, they are attached with velcro style straps. This means they can easily be adjusted at any time.

Traditional compression stockings use static compression to improve your circulation. They are always applying pressure to your arm or legs, whether you’re sitting, standing or laying down. Alternative compression garments provide a different type of compression which is dynamic. This means they only provide compression when your muscles push against them. Dynamic compression is more comfortable to wear when you are resting, and can be worn for longer periods of time, up to 24 hours a day if necessary.

If you or someone you care about has been told they need to wear compression, but could not tolerate traditional compression stockings, ask your doctor or therapist about an alternative compression garment. If you are transitioning from compression bandages to a compression garment, a compression wrap is the best way to go!

Confused about how these work or look? Many of these products feature product videos in the Video tab of the product page. Check the Juxta-Fit Essentials Legging and the CompreFlex Knee High for informative videos on these products.

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