Solaris Exo

The new Exo line of compression garments from Solaris gives you custom garment containment and comfort, at a ready-to-wear price. All Exo garments are easy-care machine wash and dry. ExoStrong is made from the same flat-knit fabric used to make custom compression garments. If you swell, the ability of the garment to contain the swelling is extremely important. Flat-knits provide the highest containment of any fabric. Also like custom, ExoStrong products have a seam. Available as knee highs, thigh highs, arm sleeves and gloves. ExoSoft is a very comfortable line of circular-knit (no seams) compression garments. The new ExoSoft arm sleeve was rated #1 by lymphedema therapists and fitters in a blind comparison. ExoFusion provides focused compression to your foot. No need for complicated straps and wraps, ExoFusion looks like a regular sock.