Diabetic Socks - 602/160

Sigvaris Diabetic Socks are designed for men and women with diabetes or sensitive feet. These socks are made with drirelease® that provides moisture wicking properties and odor control. They also provide true graduated compression in 8-15mmHg and 18-25mmHg, which has been clinically proven to reduce swelling (edema) in patients with diabetes. They are sized by leg measurements for an accurate, comfortable fit. The Sigvaris Diabetic Sock has all the features typically found in a diabetic sock:
  • Flat toe seams
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Thick padded sole
  • Non-binding top band
  • Latex free

“The use of the Sigvaris mild (18-25mmHg) compression diabetic socks showed statistically significant decreases in calf, ankle and foot circumferences in our study, and may help patients with diabetes and lower extremity edema without compromising lower extremity vascularity.”  -  Dr. Stephanie Wu (Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine, William Scholl College of Podiatry in Chicago)