ReadyWrap and Tribute Wrap - Day and Night Solutions

Managing lymphedema is a 24/7 job. Having the right garments for during the day when you are up and active and for quieter times at night is important. Nobody knows that better than L&R USA, makers of both the Ready and Tribute Wraps. 

ReadyWrap is a revolutionary compression garment available for your legs, feet, arm or hand to reduce swelling or assist in the healing off venous ulceration's. The leg and foot piece can be worn separately or together to provide compression from toe to knee. ReadyWrap mimics traditional bandaging, using non-elastic Velcro straps, and can be put on and taken off very easily. This product is especially beneficial for patients who can not easily bend or have sufficient strength to pull on elastic compression stockings. When worn ReadyWrap look like a sport brace. They can be worn under pants and shoes.

The Tribute Wraps are an innovative new nighttime garment for lymphedema from Solaris. This durable garment is flexible to keep you comfortable in any resting or sleeping position. It's made with a Coolcore fabric that wicks away sweat and moisture to regulate body temperature, and the foam design adjusts to your shape and allows you freedom of movement. Available as a sleeve, glove or leg wrap. All garments feature incredibly easy donning tabs that make pulling this garment on and adjusting it simple. Chevron channeling based on Manual Lymph Drainage principles of directing fluid to the collateral pathways help maintain and reduce edema.