Open Toe Stockings

Wearing an open toe compression stocking is generally a matter of personal preference. Post-surgery and post-sclerotherapy, many doctors will prescribe an open toe stocking so it's possible to check blood flow to the feet without removing the stocking. An open toe stocking is often a great choice for people with big feet, bunions or hammer toes. 

Open toe options are also great when wearing open toe shoes and sandals! Get a pedicure and let your toes enjoy the sun while still getting the benefits of graduated compression!

It's also very easy to use a donning device like a foot slippie or Easy-Slide with an open toe stocking. You just put the device on your foot, pull on the stocking, then pull the donner out the open toe.

Many of the items on this page are products that come with either an open or closed toe. Simply select the "Open Toe" option on the product page to order the correct style.

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