Medi Armsleeves/Gloves

Medi broke the mold when they created the Medi Harmony line of lymphedema compression sleeves, gauntlets and gloves. If you've ever experienced discomfort at the inner elbow because of folds or wrinkles in the sleeve, try Harmony! The elbow on this sleeve is designed to be soft and flexible so that there is no irritation. No other armsleeve features this. Additionally, Harmony is sewn with an innovative massaging fabric that stimulates the lymphatic system to help fluid movement. Check the reviews - customers are raving about this sleeve!

Armsleeves come with and without a silicone dot top band. The silicone dot band is typically more effective in keeping your sleeve in place. Mediven also makes a one piece combination sleeve/gauntlet. Gauntlets stop at the knuckles, and gloves are available in 2 models. The Mediven Harmony glove has full compression to the first finger joint, and the regular Mediven glove has 50% compression in the fingers.