Custom-Made Compression Garments

Ready-made or off-the-shelf products are not for everyone. If your measurements don’t fit into a standard size chart, you may need a custom compression garment. Custom garments are made to order and you will need to be measured by your medical professional or a certified fitter, depending on the product you require. There are many custom manufacturers from which to choose, and many options. Custom compression stockings can be made for any part of the body and can be customized with options like zippers, velcro and pull-loops. The medical professional you are working with is generally a great source to determine which product is best suited to your specific needs. We can help answer questions about the products by explaining the benefits of one brand over another.

Custom garments can be very expensive. Many insurance plans will reimburse you for these items. Unlike many Medical Supply Stores we do not process your insurance claim for you, but we may still be your best choice. If you are responsible for an insurance co-pay, it maybe less expensive for you to submit for reimbursement yourself. If a custom garment costs $500 at retail, you would pay $100 out of pocket with a 20% copay. We may sell the same garment for $300, so your copay would only be $60. You should always get a pre-authorization from your insurance company to be sure your coverage provides reimbursement for custom-fit compression garments.

Please Note: We are unable to process international custom orders.