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CircAid® Compression Wraps for Lymphedema and Veinous Conditions

CircAid® is the leading brand in medical compression wraps and makes managing lymphedema and other veinous conditions easier. Their Juxta-Fit® and Juxta-Lite® compression garments are instantly adjustable, providing inelastic compression similar to bandaging. If you struggle with bandaging or compression stockings, consider a Juxta legging.

Regular compression stockings provide constant compression, whereas CircAid® compression leg wraps offer dynamic compression. Dynamic compression increases when you are active and decreases when you're at rest. This change in compression improves blood flow and reduces edema more dramatically. Additionally, the compression garments can be worn for longer periods of time, round the clock if necessary, without discomfort.

The CircAid® Reduction Kits, for both upper and lower extremities, replace bandaging and wrapping. Both feature the CircAid® exclusive Built-In Pressure System (BPS), allowing you to easily adjust the compression level. By utilizing these kits, you can manage your lymphedema more easily and effectively.

Talk to your therapist and see if a CircAid® compression garments wraps or reduction kits are a fit for you!

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