Caresia Bandage Liners

If you are being wrapped with bandaging to treat lymphedema, ask your therapist about Caresia Bandage Liners. They replace stockinette and multiple layers of foam and padding, making the bandaging process much faster and easier. Just slip on the Caresia liner and wrap with short-stretch bandages. The foam chips in Caresia massage the tissue, opening lymphatic gaps to encourage the re-absorption of interstitial fluids and particles. Caresia Liners pad boney areas and fill-in concave spaces, compensating for anatomical differences. The liner disperses irregular bandage pressure, creating a more uniform shape to the limb. Caresia increases patient compliance, and saves time and money when compared to the cost of traditional wrapping with foam and pads. Do not use Caresia if you have arterial insufficiency or degeneration, DVT, untreated congestive heart failure, infection or have impaired sensation in the limb. Caresia is made in the USA.