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CircAid Compression Wraps and Reduction KitsCircAid Alternative Compression Garments

CircAid makes compression easier. Juxta-Fit and Juxta-Lite compression garments are instantly adjustable. If you have lymphedema and struggle with bandaging or compression stockings, consider a Juxta legging.

Regular compression stockings provide constant compression; sitting, standing, or laying down, the compression remains constant. CircAid compression garments provide dynamic compression. Juxta Fit and Juxta Lite are inelastic and provide compression similar to bandaging. The compression increases when you are active and decreases when you're at rest. This change in compression improves blood flow and reduces edema more dramatically. It also means the garment can be worn for longer periods of time, round the clock if necessary, without discomfort.

CircAid's Reduction Kit's replace bandaging and wrapping, and have revolutionized the decongestive phase of lymphedema treatment. Available for both upper and lower extremities. Talk to your therapist.
  • Juxta Leggings: The perfect alternative to traditional compression stockings.
  • Available for lower leg and foot to treat venous insufficiency and mild to moderate lymphedema.
  • The Built-In Pressure System (BPS) can be adjusted to provide 20-30, 30-40, or 40-50mmHg.
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CircAid Reduction Kit for Upper Leg
CircAid Reduction Kit for Upper Leg
Rating: 4.7

$192.44 $135.00
CircAid Reduction Kit for Arm
CircAid Reduction Kit for Arm
Rating: 4.6

$192.44 $135.00
CircAid Reduction Kit for Lower Leg
CircAid Reduction Kit for Lower Leg
Rating: 4.7

$192.44 $135.00
Juxta Fit Essentials Standard Lower Legging
CircAid Juxta Fit Essentials Standard Lower Legging
Rating: 4.6

$198.00 $158.40
Juxta Fit Essentials Standard Upper Legging
CircAid Juxta Fit Essentials Standard Upper Legging
Rating: 3.4

$220.00 $176.00
Juxta Fit Premium Lower Legging
CircAid Juxta Fit Premium Lower Legging
Rating: 0

$492.00 $262.40
Products 25 - 30 of 30
View All | 1 2 3
 Man sitting down adjusting his Juxta-Fit legging CircAid, founded in San Diego, California, began when Hertha Shaw, who had been suffering from lymphedema for years couldn’t find any solution that would make her feel better. She had to elevate her leg every couple of hours, which was starting to take a toll on her job. Fortunately her husband, Frank, was an engineer and an inventor. He designed and patented the first CircAid legging that allowed his wife to lead a normal life again.

Frank took inspiration from scientific evidence he had read about giraffes. Physiologists observed that giraffes have three times the venous pressures that humans do at their ankles, yet giraffes do not develop venous disorders or lymphedema because their skin does not stretch, so they cannot suffer from edema. Studies have confirmed that consistent inelastic compression is key to healing venous stasis ulcers, reducing ulcer recurrence, and reducing edema. A patented Built-In Pressure System makes it very easy to set the correct compression on every CircAid garment.

CircAid leggings are named Juxta-Fit and Juxta-Lite. Both are made from a cool, lightweight, Breathe-O-Prene material, have the patented Juxta-Lock Band System for easy application, anti-odor Silvertec lining and limited linear stretch material that hugs the limb. The Built-In Pressure System (BPS) is part of both Juxta-Fit and Juxta-Lite products. With the BPS, individuals can set their prescribed compression level each time they don their garment. The compression can be set to 20-30, 30-40 or 40-50mmHg. Verifying the correct level of applied pressure is simple using the BPS Guide Card. Just measure, verify and adjust. This card comes in the box, so make sure you don't throw it away! Both Juxta leggings do not lose integrity over the life of the garment.

Juxta-Lite is the perfect alternative to compression stockings. If you have lymphedema and you have a hard time with bandaging or compression stockings, Juxta-Lite is for you. This inelastic compression garment is instantly adjustable, and can be worn day and night, eliminating the need to struggle with bandaging or elastic compression stockings. It is used to treat venous insufficiency, edema and mild to moderate lymphedema. Because it is made from a thinner and lighter material, Juxta-Lite is not recommended for severe cases of lymphedema.

Juxta-Fit is the leading inelastic, instantly adjustable compression garment for the management of lymphedema. The easy design enables people to live independent lives, while alleviating the struggles of using bandaging and/or compression stockings. Available in Premium and Essentials, both include the patented BPS (Built-In Pressure System). It is easy to adjust your compression level (20-30mmHg, 30-40mmHg, 40-50mmHg) when you need to. Juxta-Fit is available for the upper and lower leg, in 8 sizes with 3 full calf options.

The Juxta-Fit line consists of ankle-foot wraps and standard upper and lower leggings. All of the products are latex free and can be worn day or night. These products are used to treat lymphedema, varicose veins, edema, chronic venous insufficiency, post traumatic, post surgical, lipedema, venous eczema, post thrombosis prevention, lipodermatosclerosis, post thrombotic syndrome, angiodysplasia, venous ulcer, post sclerotherapy and more. It is best to hand wash and air dry your Juxta-Fit lower leggings to keep them in pristine condition. If you choose to machine wash it, use a gentle cycle and dry on a low heat setting. Put the legging in a pillowcase if you are washing it with other clothes to keep the Velcro™ from damaging your clothes and help to keep it lint-free. Made with Nylon, Polyethylene Plastic, Polyurethane, Lycra® and Silver.

What’s the difference between the Juxta-Fit Premium and Essentials?

The Essentials line is a more affordable version of the Juxta-Fit line. Both offer standard sized lower leggings, but you can get custom legging options with the Premium line. Lower leggings come in sizes Small-XXL, and are available in three full calf options for both of the lines. According to the size chart, if you fit in a size XXL, you may want to consider getting a custom garment made because the shape is more likely to differ from the garment design. Juxta-Fit Premium products should last between 12-18 months, whereas Juxta-Fit Essentials products generally last about six months. Both the Premium and Essentials provide a comfortable fit by hugging your limbs and reducing slippage.

CircAid makes a variety of liners that can be worn under Juxta or any compression garment for added comfort. They are meant to prevent sliding and provide a comfortable and soft barrier for the skin. Liners do not provide therapeutic compression. Circaid liners are all latex free. Available in knee high and thigh high lengths. Many CircAid liner contain silver which is naturally antimicrobial, helping to eliminate odor, fungus and bacteria.