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BiaCare Compression Bandages for Lymphedema


BiaCare located in Zeeland, Michigan has been making alternative compression garments for over 9 years with an emphasis on lymphedema and wound care.

The CompreFlex calf and thigh provide comfortable daytime compression. These garments are very easy to don. Use to treat mild to moderate lymphedema and venous insufficiency.

BiaCare's CompreFit system, available in knee, thigh, and foot units provide a high active compression of 30-40mmHg with a lower resting compression. Used together they provide coverage from foot to groin, and can be used day or night. Easy to put on and care for, many physicians prefer the CompreFit system to high compression elastic stockings.

The CompreSleeve for upper extremity lymphedema treatment takes the place of traditional bandaging and wrapping and can save a patient hundreds of hours in a year. CompreSleeve provides 20-30mmHg of effective graduated compression and can easily be adjusted as the size of the arm changes. Appropriate for day or night wear. It's soft, slim, comfortable and greatly increases patient compliance.

BiaCare also manufactures a wide variety of bandaging and foam chip compression garments for lymphedema treatment that will fit every part of your body.

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BiaCare CompreFLEX LITE BK
BiaCare CompreFLEX LITE Below Knee Wrap
Rating: 4.5

$97.50 $78.40
CompreFlex-BK Calf - BiaCare
BiaCare CompreFlex Below Knee Wrap
Rating: 4.6

$138.00 $110.50
CompreFit-BK Calf - BiaCare
BiaCare CompreFit Below Knee Wrap
Rating: 4.9

$171.50 $115.50
BiaCare CoolFLEX NF
BiaCare CoolFLEX NF
Rating: 5

$180.00 $144.00
BiaCare CompreFLEX Arm
BiaCare CompreFLEX Arm
Rating: 0

$240.00 $192.00
Sigvaris AccuTab
Sigvaris AccuTab
Rating: 0

$17.50 $8.50
Sigvaris Basic Silver Liner
Sigvaris Basic Silver Liner
Rating: 0

$35.00 $17.00
BiaCare Transition Liner
BiaCare Transition Liner
Rating: 5

$24.00 $20.00
Sigvaris Complete Liner
Sigvaris Complete Liner 10-15 mmHg
Rating: 0

$25.50 $20.40
Sigvaris WaveFoam
Sigvaris WaveFoam
Rating: 0

$48.00 - $52.00 $38.40 - $41.60
BiaCare CompreFLEX Knee
BiaCare CompreFLEX Knee
Rating: 0

$168.00 $81.60
BiaCare CompreKnee
BiaCare CompreKnee 30-40 mmHg
Rating: 3

$106.25 $85.00
Products 1 - 12 of 47
View All | 1 2 3 4

BiaCare bandages are comparable to BSN-Medical and Lohmann & Rauscher, but cost less. CompreFit and CompreFlex, BiaCare's non-stretch compression wraps, are also priced very competitively. They include both a leg and foot piece, unlike JuxtaFit, CircAid and ReadyWrap.

In 2014, BiaCare introduced the CompreFLEX–Lite to help with wounds. They also offer strap extenders, padding, sock liners, stockinettes, boots, gloves, shorts, oversleeves, armsleeves, leg sleeves and more.

Biacare has a complete line of bandages for wrapping any part of your body. Their BiaForm short-stretch bandage is made in the same factory as the more expensive name brands. The BiaCare bandage line also includes stockinette, padding, foams and compressive gauze. BiaSoft Fleece padding is a unique product that can be machine washed and used over and over again, unlike many foam pads. BiaNet Tubular Dressing holds bandages and pads in place without tape or pins. This product is great for multi-layer bandaging and is very reasonably priced. Read a little about some of our bandage options below.

BiaForm Short Stretch Bandage is sold by the case or as individual rolls. Designed to help manage chronic and acute lymphedema, venous edema and post-traumatic swelling. BiaForm is extremely durable and can be washed and reused. It is made from unique high-twist cotton yarn that provides superior stretch and conforming properties to provide optimal compression. Machine washable. Compare to Comprilan and Rosidal K. Made in Germany from 100% cotton.

IsoForm Wide Short–Stretch Bandage is sold by the case or in individual rolls. Perfect for managing lymphedema in the thigh or trunk areas. It comes in widths of 15cm (5.9in) and 20cm (7.9in), making it deal to wrap large limbs, thighs and body trunk. Each roll is 5m (16.4ft) long. If you purchase by the case, each case contains 10 rolls. Made in Mexico.

ElastoSoft Elastic Gauze Bandage is ideal for wrapping fingers and toes. This soft, elastic gauze is made with 100% cotton and provides light compression. Sold in multiple-roll bags where each roll is 4.1yards long.

CompreFit is used to treat edema, both venous and lymphatic. It's available in a knee high, which includes a CompreBoot for the foot, or with the addition of a thigh and knee piece for full leg coverage. CompreFit is non-elastic and provides 30-40mmHg active compression, with a lower resting compression. This garment is highly adjustable, perfect if you experience significant swelling/reduction during the day. It is durable and lightweight to fit under most clothing and keeps you comfortable. CompreFit can be trimmed for reduction or enlarged up to 10 cm with strap extenders. A pair of cotton liners is included. Measure the length of your leg to determine if you should use the tall or regular size chart. Combine with the thigh unit for full leg compression. Safe to use during the day and at night. Machine washable. Made in the U.S.A and is latex free.

CompreFit Plus provides the same non-elastic gradient compression of the regular CompreFit, but includes a dense, open cell foam liner. It combines the features of the CompreFit-BK with a high density, low profile liner. The liner provides a soft interface under the CompreFit. Designed for recently healed wounds, fragile skin, and is ideal for use on granulation tissue or indurated (hardened) skin. Great for patients with chronic edema or venous insufficiency.

Features 30-40mmHg active compression, with lower resting or inactive compression. It is durable, breathable and lightweight like the CompreFit-BK, and can be worn under most clothing. It is also highly adjustable and can be trimmed for reduction, or you can use strap extenders to add 10 cm of additional circumferential size. CompreFit Plus includes a foam liner, a pair of seamless cotton liners and one CompreBoot. Measure the length of your leg to determine if you should use the tall or regular size chart. You will need to use a separate boot size chart for the CompreBoot. It is safe to wear day and night and is easy to use and clean. The CompreFit Plus is latex free and is made in the U.S.A.

CompreFlex is available as just a below-the-knee unit, or with a knee and thigh piece for full leg coverage. It is ideal for mild to moderate edema, lymphedema or venous insufficiency. This is a great solution for people who have difficulty putting on high compression stockings. It is meant for daytime use only. CompreFlex provides 30-40mmHg gradient low-stretch compression. Since it is a non-elastic garment, the skin does not stretch as much, helping to reduce swelling. When the calf muscle expands, it presses up against the garment, which makes a pumping effect to remove lymph fluid.

This garment is made from soft and conforming Breath-O-Prene. CompreFlex is easier to use than conventional compression stockings. It has a built-in elastic strap that holds the garment in place. The Velcro straps are highly adjustable and can be extended up to 10 cm with extender straps. It features a stretch panel to make donning easy, which lets the individual secure the garment to their leg and still use two hands to adjust the bands. Although the band does not provide therapeutic benefits, it does help to get the CompreFit on easier! If you choose to cut this panel off, it will not change the effectiveness of the product, but will make the garment a bit harder to don. It can be worn under most clothing and is very soft and durable.

Each CompreFlex-BK includes a pair of seamless cotton liners and CompreBoot. It is expected to last about six to nine months. The CompreFlex is machine washable, latex free and is made in the U.S.A.

CompreSleeve Arm effectively mimics multilayer bandage wrapping. Serving as a quick and easy alternative to bandage wrapping, it is ideal for mild to moderate lymphedema. Features 20-30 mmHg compression and Directional WaveFoam II to help with the drainage of lymph fluid and stimulate superficial lymphatics. Low-stretch compression, from hand to axilla, is safe and effective for day or night use. CompreSleeve is highly adjustable, easy to don, and easily conforms to your arm. All you have to do is adjust the tabs.

Includes a pair of cotton liners and donning loop. It is made from a cotton/Lycra blend, along with a mesh liner to provide a cool, comfortable fit that mimics short-stretch bandaging. Available in sizes Small through X-Large in regular, short and long lengths. The CompreSleeve is also latex free and is made in the U.S.A. Machine washable and comes with an adjustable hand piece and palm foam as well as a pair of cotton liners.

FoamSleeve provides mild compression for Stage I lymphedema and features a built-in donning loop, which is ideal for patients with fragile skin, limited dexterity or limited range of motion. It can be used as a compression garment alone, or as a bandage liner. It is made with Directional WaveFoam II that creates high/low pressure areas to gently massage the superficial lymphatic system and help to facilitate efficient fluid evacuation. The WaveFoam effectively softens a hardened, fibrotic area. The FoamSleeve provides mild gradient compression of 10-20mmHg with included Oversleeve, from the hand to axilla. You can get an oversleeve in pink, tie-dye, black, leopard and navy and in sizes Small-Large, that can be used with the chip or foam BiaCare armsleeves. The oversleeve adds up to 10mmHg of compression and protects the sleeve from damage and dirt.

BiaCare's ChipSleeve features open cell, chipped foam to massage fibrotic tissue to soften fibrotic areas. Directional channels facilitate efficient drainage of lymph fluid. Use as a bandage liner or compression sleeve for edema, lymphedema, post-operative swelling and mild fibrosis. Provides mild to moderate gradient compression of 15-25mmHg with included OverSleeve. Includes a thumb and lateral shoulder rise, a black OverSleeve and a pair of cotton lines. Latex free. Made from moisture wicking, anti-odor and soil release fabric. It is machine washable, latex free and is made in the U.S.A.

ChipSleeve for the leg is available in knee-high or thigh-high lengths. Open cell, chipped foam to massages superficial lymphatics and helps soften fibrotic tissue. Directional channels facilitate efficient drainage of lymph fluid. Use as a bandage liner or compression garment for edema, lymphedema, post-operative swelling and mild fibrosis. Ideal for individuals with fragile skin or limited dexterity. Provides mild to moderate gradient compression of 15-25mmHg with included OverSleeve. Includes a pair of cotton liners and an OverSleeve, which comes in navy, pink, leopard, tie-dye or black. Available in sizes Small through XX-Large in regular, long and short lengths. Custom sizes are available. Made from moisture wicking, anti-odor and soil release fabric. It is latex free, machine washable and made in the U.S.A.

CompreShorts provide mild compression and comfortable support to treat truncal, genital, or abdominal lymphedema. Made from a soft, breathable fabric to reduce moisture containment. It is durable with reinforced seams and can be machine washed and dried. Combine with optional GeniFit pad to massage and facilitate drainage of lymphatic fluid. GeniFit is available for both men (with cup) and women. Available in sizes Small to XXXXX-Large in regular and max styles. Please note that sizes 3x or larger do contain natural latex in the waistband. For more information on