Which donning glove is right for you?

Donning gloves are the easiest, cheapest and most effective tool available to help you put on your stockings. Donning gloves allow you to grip and pull on the sheerest of compression hosiery while helping to prevent snags, runs or poke holes. They also provide your fingers with a little extra leverage which can be very helpful for people with arthritis or difficulty with hand mobility.  We carry four brands of donning gloves; Jobst, Mediven, Juzo and Sigvaris.   The Jobst donning glove is unique because it is actually a cotton mitt with the palm and fingers dipped in a latex solution to grip onto support hose.  It is a loose fitting glove which can be easier to put on for people with limited hand mobility.  On the downside, there are no ridges or nubs on the latex which limits it’s ability to move stockings up the leg.  We have heard from customers that this glove wears out too quickly. Comes in sizes small for women and medium for men.

The Mediven donning glove has a relatively high rating from customer feedback.  It looks like a basic latex dish washing glove but has textured fingers and palms for additional gripping power.  This will help you get the compression stocking over your foot and heal.  Then you can use your palms to slide the hose up your legs rather than pulling. Available in a white and pink color only (no more orange!) in three sizes.

The Sigvaris donning glove also currently has a 100% customer approval rating.  It also looks like a basic latex dish washing glove.  The ridges are very pronounced and the glove is durable.  Another bonus is that is available in small, medium, large and x-large.  We at Brightlife Direct usually try to stay neutral as we are confident in all of our products, but based on the feedback we hear from customers, the green Sigvaris donning glove at $5.75, is the leader of the pack.

If you are allergic to latex, there is an option for you! Sigvaris now makes a completely latex-free donning glove. While these are still new to our site - feedback is positive.

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