The New Jobst Sport Socks – First Wearing


I wore the new unisex Jobst Sport Socks for the first time yesterday: 15-20mmHg compression, size medium, black/gray.

Out of the box the socks look short, but there was plenty of stretch in the length to fit my leg (18”).  Someone with a longer than average leg (over 19.5”) wearing a size medium might find that they tug down a bit during the day.  I had to pull them up once during 10 hours of wear.

The foot portion is a new design for Jobst and gets two thumbs up.  The heel is reciprocated, but designed in such a way that it will easily accommodate a wide range of foot sizes.  The toe seam was non-existent, and the sole is lightly padded.  The fabric on top of the foot, over the in-step, and up the calf is thinner and very elastic.  

The top band is a different weave than the rest of the sock.  It’s lightly ribbed on the outside, and completely smooth inside…very soft.  All the stretch in the band is horizontal, so there’s no constriction around the top of the calf.

I didn’t get to go for a run yesterday, but did take a long walk at lunch.  DC was in the mid-90’s and my feet stayed completely dry.

Overall I love this sock.  For most of the day I never thought about them, which for me, is the sign of a very comfortable compression stocking.

By: Pete@BrightLife Direct

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