Spotlight on Solidea

We’ve added a new brand to our inventory – Solidea. Have you heard of it? Solidea is known globally for combining fashion and compression into effective medical shapewear.

We first came into contact with Solidea through our contacts at, who recommended Solidea compression armsleeves for Lymphedema patients. We’ve found that Solidea not only carries great products for customers treating lymphedema and edema in their legs and arms, but Solidea also designs fabulous compression shapewear that slims and tones the body (something we think everyone will like!).  Read on to learn more about this line and why we’re so excited about it!

Solidea Bilateral ArmsleevesSolidea for Lymphedema: We are really impressed with the innovative armsleeves that Solidea carries. Some patients with lymphedema cannot use traditional armsleeves due to constriction of the upper arm. The Solidea sleeve doesn’t hold on to the top of the arm – the fabric actually comes across the shoulder and back. This design makes sure that the armsleeve is comfortably in place all day and that it won’t interfere with lymphatic movement. It actually helps maximize fluid movement.

Patients with edema in the upper thigh were looking for options as well. The Solidea Micro Massage Capris, when worn in combination with compression hosiery, provide full-leg compression and fluid movement.

Solidea is unique from other brands because of its patented fabric technology. The “Micro Massage” works directly with the subcutaneous lymphatic capillaries to move lymphatic fluid.

Solidea Silver Wave Abdominal BandFashion Shapewear: Want to improve your circulation, trim your tummy AND dress with style? Well, Solidea is the brand for you! Solidea, which is made in Italy with soft, luxurious fabric, is created to fit your body like a second skin. The seamless Wonder Model hosiery has a shaping panty that does wonders for your figure and looks great with dress clothes. And, the Silver Wave Abdominal Band uses Micro Massage technology to break up cellulite cells and smooth skin.

Learn more about Solidea on their website and check back on our site frequently as we add more shaping products at great prices to our Solidea collection.

By Brita @ BrightLife Direct

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